08:45 : Introduction to the meeting - Wojciech Golusinksi, Sefik Hosal, Giovanni Succo, Christian Simon 

Benefits of interdisciplinarity for complex patient  Stéphane Jeanneret


09:00 -10:30 : Keynote lectures

Moderator: Giovanni Succo

AI and videomics for early diagnosis and staging of head and neck cancer - Cesare Piazza

AI in endoscopy - Marco Ferrari

AI for head and neck surgery, including endoscopic, and robotic approaches: On our way to the "intelligent" surgeon? - Ferdinando Rodriguez 

10:30 - 11:30: Submitted papers 

Moderator: Chris Holsinger


Prognosis of oral lesions from the analysis of infrared images using machine learning - James Ingham

HEad and neCK TumOR segmentation and outcome prediction using AI: lessons from three consecutive years of the HECKTOR challenge - Adrien Depeursinge


11:30 - 12:00: Keynote Siemens 

Moderator: Christian Simon 

 A Healthineers’ perspective on AI in medical imaging  - Tobias Kober



1:30 -3:30 pm Keynote lectures

Moderator : Wojciech Golusinski

Understanding AI and its impact on health care - Allan Tucker

Unlocking the power of AI for precision medicine with federated data science - Jean Louis Raisaro

An Exposition on Data Characteristics Toward Promoting Reliable AI in Medicine Sameer Antani

How to make AI for head and neck oncology "safe" and "transparent" in the future - Mathis Rasmussen


4:00 -5:30pm : Keynote lectures 

 Moderator: Jesper Eriksen

AI for delineation, planning and dose adaptation - Stine Korreman

The future of AI in radiation therapy - Jesper Eriksen

AI and applications in pathology - Torben Steiniche



09:00-11:00 : Keynote lectures

Moderator: Petr Szturz

AI for oral cancer management decisions - Carlos Miguel Chiesa Estomba

AI and systemic head and neck cancer treatment - Petr Szturz

AI in clinical head and neck cancer trials - Hisham Mehanna

AI for head and neck imaging: WiIl we soon replace our radiologist? - Vishal Gupta 


11:00-13:00 : Debates 

Moderators: Hisham Mehanna, Sameer Antani

Debate 1

AI algorithms are ready and should be used for risk stratification: Pro Ana Varges Gomes

AI algorithms are ready and should be used for risk stratification: Contra Christophe Le Tourneau

Debate 2

AI will lead to replacing the surgeon in surgery: Pro - Chris Holsinger

AI will lead to replacing the surgeon in surgery: Contra - Vinidh Paleri

2:00-3:30 pm Workhops

Demonstration on AI-supported radiographic image analysis: The case of delineation - Stine Korreman

How to analyze big data sets using AI - Andres Bur

LeveragingComplementary Strengths: Setting up a productive AI collaboration between computer-scientist and clinician - Anita Rau and Chris Holsinger